The Profit Plus Feeder is a Patented System that will add dollars to your bottom line.  If you are a profit-minded, serious cattleman, read further and find out how this system will pay for itself and put money in your pocket within the first year's use.

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  • Minimize Labor

  • Feed in less than 5 minutes

  • Fill once every 10 to 15 days

  • Less than 5% Waste

The Profit Plus comes in 24 foot and 32 foot widths. 
The lengths can be varied in 24 foot incriments (24', 48', 72', etc.)
Feeder Size
(in feet)
Number of Ground Bales
(1100 lb. bales)
Number of Head Fed
(30 lbs./head/day)
Days Until Next Feeding
24 x 24 17 65 10 days
24 x 32 24 65 13 days
24 x 48 40 150 10 days
48 x 32 60 150 15 days


Adjusts to the size of your herd and to your schedule.


Controlled - Labor Saving - Nutritional Feeding

By testing feed stuffs, any mix or feed types can be used
to allow for the optimal nutritional mix you may require
Feeder Facts

   The feeder is made of heavy square tubing with each panel weighing approximately 600 lbs.  Profit Plus will feed livestock weighing 300 lbs. to adults, including herd bulls.

   Profit Plus is built to last for years yet is designed to let livestock self-feed until the food is cleaned up to minimize waste.  If you are currently unrolling round bales as much as 20% is lost to waste.

Filling the Feeder

   The Profit Plus Feeder can be filled from either the end or side with tub ground bales or un-ground round or large square bales.  It will work with either operation.

   With the Profit Plus system, you can feed 150 head in five minutes.  No need to start a tractor and feed wagon every day on those cold, snowy days.  Grind once every 10 to 15 days or fill the unit with the un-ground round or large square bales.  Waste will be kept to 5% or less.

First Feeding

   On the initial feeding, cattle will feed from all four sides.  The stop pins do not need to be moved for approximately three days, until feed is cleaned up on all four sides to your satisfaction.


The Next Feeding

   Moving the "Control Pins" forward to the next "Stop Hole" will take about five minutes.  Feed does not need to be raked down, as it will self feed to cattle as they slide the panels forward.

   If you are not available to to feed, one of the kids can pull the stop pins and move them to the next hole.  The unit is simple enough for a kid to operate.


The Control Element


Control Pins and Stop Holes allow panel to slide forward to "Stops".  This allows total control and management in feeding your herd.

Don't pull the stop pins until cattle have cleaned up to your satisfaction.




Refilling the Feeder

   After approximately 10 to 12 days, you can schedule your next grinding date.

Profit Plus can be filled at any time.  You do not have to wait until it is empty.  If a storm is in the forecast, you may want to fill early.

It is best before filling the feeder to always clean the manure away.


Round bales utilized in feeder

Adjustable cables can be used if small calves are present.  This will keep them from crawling into the feed area.

Current method of feeding ground hay with electric fence, allows calves to get in the feed area and soil hay with excrement, whichsoon stops any feeding cows.

   Tradition has long held that feeding close-up cows in the evening would help bring on calving during daylight, when management is relatively easier.
   In a study of 1,331 cows on 15 Iowa farms, feeding once daily at dusk, caused 85% of the calves to come between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.
   The effect held true even when cows weren't started on evening feeding until the week before calving started. (Practical Health, February 1999, Page 4)
   The Profit Plus Feeder makes it convenient and practical to feed your herd after 6 p.m. for better calving management.
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